ISO Tank Containers

Benefits Of SeaKnots It Solutions Tank Containers

SeaKnots It Solutions Tank A tank container is a large stainless steel pressure vessel held within a 20-foot ISO frame that is used for the transportation and storage of bulk liquids. The 20-foot ISO frame ensures that tank containers can be transported using the most modern intermodal transportation options, including container ships, trucks and rail. The tank container provides a safe, reliable and cost-effective way to transport bulk liquids to most locations around the globe.

Tanks vs. Drums

A 20 ft. container can hold up to 66% more product than 72 drums packed inside a 20 ft container box.
In addition to lower costs, a fair comparison of tank containers and drums must include volumetric efficiency, labor costs of handling drums, product clingage loss, drum cleaning, resale revenue and disposal costs. Environmental considerations include a greater risk (and associated costs) of product spillage and leakage from drums and the environmental impact of empty drum disposal. Such comparisons demonstrate that tank containers are a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to ship bulk liquid products.

Environmental Efficiency

The tank container is a recyclable resource, which can be used over and over again.

Greater Capacity

Tank containers can carry a far greater quantity of liquid for the equivalent shipping space and cost compared to a
standard 20′ drybox filled with drums. A tank container, with a capacity of 26,000 litres or more, can transport the equivalent of 128 205-litre (55 US gallons) drums in the same space. It would require 1.6 dry box container loads at effectively twice the shipping cost to transport this number of drums.

Added to this is the cost of purchasing standard drums, at around $20 each or $2,560 in total, and the costs of equipment and labor to handle, store, fill and individually mark each one. Tanks offer a more economical alternative.

Economical Design

Think of a tank container as a large but technically superior drum, within its own protective frame and with provision for lifting and stacking. The resulting ease and speed of loading and discharging is beneficial to both shippers and their customers.

Receiving just two tank container loads each day eliminates the handling and storage of up to 260 drums – difficult when the drums are new, but even more costly and inefficient when the drums are empty and contaminated.

Ease of Maintenance

Tank containers have the added benefit of stainless-steel cleanliness and strength, pressurization and integral heating systems.

Tank containers provide benefits of efficiency, economy, quality and safety over a container load of drums