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Everything Know About NVOCC Software

There is only one thing we can say to business owners, logistics management experts, goods movers, and software-savvy organizations it’s time.

You no longer have to schedule with multiple businesses to have your consolidated cargo delivered to a single location, sift through their websites for tracking information, and sit around in the dark, worrying about the safety and security of your shipment.

It’s time to upgrade your company with a cutting-edge NVOCC software system to streamline your operations and simplify your life.

What is NVOCC Software?


Non-Vessel Owning Common Carrier (NVOCC) refers to a specialized agency or organization that helps shippers that do not require the full capacity of a goods forwarder’s container. NVOCC services consist of loading and transporting numerous containers to numerous destinations.

Regarding shipping, NVOCCs can be a one-stop shop for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) that only need to rent part of the container. This is because NVOCCs negotiate with ship owners or freight forwarders under their House Bill of Lading.

The NVOCC’s Primary Functions

NVOCCs, as previously indicated, sell or lease cargo or ship space to customers.

NVOCCs often load goods at the customer’s location and transport it to the port terminals. NVOCCs sometimes also take on the responsibility of delivering goods to the consignee upon arrival. Therefore, one of their primary roles is negotiating contracts with shippers about the transportation of commodities.

NVOCCs typically do not have storage facilities, while some maintain container fleets. Cargo consolidation, de-consolidation at the final destination, container cleaning and repair may also be available.

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NVOCC’s Important

Because of globalization, companies of all sizes may compete worldwide. The logistics, especially for novices, might be challenging. To aid them in this endeavor, NVOCC software is here to help them streamline processes.

NVOCC has helped these companies in several ways, including offering superior shipping services and ensuring all paperwork is in order. Some of the many reasons why NVOCC plays an integral role in international trade for many companies are as follows:

Ideal Business Companion for Startups:

In the beginning stages of the company, small companies may need help locating a reliable shipping service. NVOCCs allow them to fulfil their shipping needs while also having the choice to work with a more manageable company rather than a massive shipping line.

Affordable Shipping Costs:

Compared to conventional shipping companies, NVOCCs are often better positioned to provide you with a more affordable quote. Since NVOCCs deal in volume, they can negotiate better pricing with transportation companies. If a small business owner were to contact a shipping line directly, they would not be able to receive this discounted cost.

Humanising Factor

NVOCCs provide their customers with more streamlined and customized service than would be possible with a huge, impersonal transportation firm. They have connections to numerous maritime transport companies so that they can provide advice on a wide range of shipping routes. To help businesses keep tabs on their shipments while they’re in transit, NVOCCs now offer online tracking services.

Enhanced Communication

NVOCCs often have extensive connections with local trucking groups, labor unions, port customs, and other relevant institutions. A robust and well-connected network makes it much easier to get things done with as little friction as possible. Large shippers and freight forwarders typically consider an NVOCC’s connections and position in the industry to be normal collateral. As such, the NVOCC software can help alleviate risks associated with transportation issues, labor unions (especially at ports), and other similar scenarios.

Reduced Complicated Paperwork

The NVOCC is responsible for issuing the Bill of Lading. A House Bill of Lading (HBL) is the name given to a bill of lading published by NVOCC software. For the customer, this streamlines the process of completing paperwork. Freight forwarders can better manage their operations using logistics management software.

Method of Record-Keeping while Using NVOCC

An NVOCC’s ability to issue House Bills of Lading directly to shippers is a crucial differentiator, as discussed before. To the NVOCC, the ocean carrier will give a Master Bill of Lading (MBL).

The consignee on an HBL will be the actual importer or buyer, while on an MBL, it will be the final NVOCC. Also, in MBL, the NVOCC software would play the role of shipper, whereas, in HBL, it would be the actual exporter. As a result, the two documents will be nearly identical except for the shipper, consignee, and notify party fields. More than one HBL can share a single MBL.


Many people have a stake in a shipment, making it from A to B. Furthermore, NVOCC software plays a crucial role in this industry by connecting carriers and shippers. International trade data intelligence is a must-have if you want to grow your export or import firm. If you want to know more about NVOCC software contact with seaknotsIT.