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Are you looking for a comprehensive and cutting-edge solution to streamline your freight forwarding operations? Look no further! Seaknots offers industry-leading software solutions designed to transform the way you manage and optimize your logistics and supply chain processes.

We are dedicated Freight forwarding Software providers to Freight Forwarding Companies.

we are a team of dedicated professionals with deep expertise in both the freight forwarding industry and software development. Our mission is to empower freight forwarding solution providers, logistics providers, and shipping companies with innovative and scalable software solutions that enhance efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction.

one of the best Online Freight Forwarding Solution Company that offers Web based ERP Solution for Freight Forwarding Solution Providers and Logistics Business. Our Freight Forwarding Software designed to meet the requirements of most activities within the Freight forwarding, Logistics and supply chain industry. Consolidators, Freight Forwarders, Forwarding Agents, Couriers, Third-Party Logistics Providers, Airlines, Ocean Carriers and Trucking Companies, can take advantage of our platform. Our system is the solutions to optimize your business flow to increase productivity and generate bigger profits.

What is Freight Forwarding Software?

Freight forwarding Software is an Entry-to-End level Cloud Software for Freight Forwarding Solution provider & Logistics companies. Seaknots is a powerful Freight Forwarding that is fundamentally different from all other Logistics software on the market today. Our Freight Forwarding Software is all-in-one software that includes a large number of modules to help you streamline most of your Freight Forwarding process. Our Freight Forwarding software deals with initial sales, quotation, and shipment detail with status updates mail directly from the System to various internal and external stakeholders involved in the life cycle of the shipments.

Why Choose Seaknotsit?

Seaknots Helps businesses to manage their Freight forwarding Solution providers and Container operations of Freight forwarding, Logistics and supply chain industry, Consolidators, Freight Forwarders, Forwarding Agents, Couriers, Third-Party Logistics Providers, Airlines, Ocean Carriers, and Trucking Companies can take advantage of our platform. Our system is the solutions to optimize your business flow to increase productivity and generate bigger profits. In Seaknots Freight Software, your manual process can be automated and it helps to get bigger profits. Freight forwarding software reduces errors and improves customer service. Freight Forwarding Companies of any size can benefit from Seaknots freight forwarding Solution. 

Logistics Expertise

Our team brings together logistics industry veterans and technology experts, ensuring that our ERP solutions address the precise challenges you face.

Integrated Approach

Our ERP system seamlessly integrates various aspects of your business – from order management to Booking operations and financials – for holistic control.

Innovation at Heart

We're committed to innovation. Our software solutions are continually updated to incorporate the latest technologies and industry best practices.

Tailored to You

We understand that no two logistics businesses are alike. Our ERP solution is highly customizable to match your workflows and operational requirements.

Dedicated Freight Management

Streamline your entire freight forwarding process, from booking to delivery, with our specialized software designed to meet your precise requirements.

Customized Reporting

Gain actionable insights through custom reports and analytics that offer a comprehensive view of your performance and operations.

Modular List


To- Do Dashboard

At Seaknots, we understand the value of data-driven decisions. Our cutting-edge dashboard solution empowers you with the insights you need to manage your operations, sales, documentation and as well as finance efficiently, keep track of your performance, and steer your business toward success. With customizable widgets, real-time data, and an intuitive interface, our dashboard is your window into your business's health and progress. Seaknots having Configurable Dashboards which will be provided to the users based on their requirements. Our system will allows you to keep track of sales calls and visit follow up, container operation, transport order, export& import documentation, client & vendor invoices.

Business Users

Business Users & Partners

Business Users & Partners Module helps maintaining the complete master-level information of different entities that we are dealing with, such as Agents, Clients, Shipper, Consignee, Airlines, Carriers, Vendor, Supplier etc. The one-time activity of creating all parties under one umbrella helps in maintaining your clients in client mater, vendors in vendor master. Updating tariffs management at master level helps to maintain the different rates per carrier, transporters and the same shall be pulled automatically when creating quotation and bookings.



With the help of our Quotation module, it is now easy to create a quotation and from there itself you can send the quotation to your clients directly from the system via mail. The status of the quotation can be involved as, created, approved, and confirmed, and so on. It can also be enabled as per your requirements.


Bookings can be created from the Booking Screen, You can create new booking and also from the Quotation also. When the Quote is approved/confirmed by your client, you can generate the booking directly from the Booking Module. Our System uses data reusability Technology where all the data which you have entered in the Quotation level, will be carried out to the Booking.


With the help of the Sales Module, a salesperson can maintain a track of records for the list of Enquiries received and also able to keep a sales plan. It allows you to make a follow-up with the Enquiries which you have created in the system. You can receive the list of follow-ups to be done which you have created in the system from seaknots Software To- do dashboard.


Management module provides Management Information System reports to the top tier desk right from the sales, operations, and Finance data in the summary and detailed level. Management module provides MIS reports, Profit & Loss, which can generated by click off a button.


The Finance module is designed uniquely to meet the standards of the shipping community with compliance to the international accounting principle. From the Finance Module, Client Invoice can be created and your Purchase Invoice can also be booked as a Vendor Invoice in Seaknots application. Statement of Accounts (SOA) report can be generated from the Finance Module itself.

Freight Forwarding Solution

Our Cloud based Freight Forwarding solution is developed to help freight forwarders to manage and operation their business operation efficiently and seamlessly without any big investment. Our product intention to provide solution to all small freight forwarders to manage their business online, work from anywhere and handle more shipments with minimum resources.

Key Features

Business Challenges


IGM / EGM Manifestation Automation

Tired of entering BL data in to the system?

We have a solution for you to automate your manual entries and generate a manifest on a click and submit to authorities.

Key Features

Business Challenges


Streamlined Operations: Freight forwarding software automates and streamlines various processes, such as order creation, shipment tracking, documentation generation, and invoicing. This leads to faster order fulfilment, reduced manual errors, and overall operational efficiency.

Efficient Documentation: Freight forwarding Solution Providers may involves a significant amount of documentation Process. Seaknots software automates the generation of shipping labels by click off a button. Your House and Master bills of lading, Delivery Order, Cargo Arrival notice, customs documents, and other necessary paperwork, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring compliance. 

Cost Savings: By automating manual tasks, reducing errors, and improving efficiency, freight forwarding software helps cut operational costs. Additionally, better inventory management minimizes carrying costs, and optimized routing reduces transportation expenses.

Freight Forwarding Excellence: Our Freight forwarding Software is purpose-built for freight forwarding operations. From Quotation/ Booking creation to final delivery, we offer a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline your processes and enhance efficiency.

Reporting and Analytics:  Seaknots Freight forwarding software generates reports and provides analytics on key performance indicators (KPIs). These insights help you evaluate operational efficiency, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.

Scalability: As your business grows, freight forwarding solution can scale to handle increased order volume, inventory, and operational complexity. This scalability ensures your software solution continues to meet your needs.

Time Savings: Automation reduces manual data entry and repetitive tasks, freeing up your team’s time for more strategic and value-added activities. This improves productivity and allows your staff to focus on tasks that require human expertise.

Competitive Advantage: Using freight forwarding software gives you a competitive edge by enhancing operational efficiency, customer service, and compliance adherence. This positions your business as a reliable and efficient partner in the logistics industry.

Improved Partner Collaboration: Collaborating with carriers, suppliers, and partners becomes smoother through shared access to information within the software. This leads to better coordination and streamlined processes.


Analytics and Reporting

Make data-driven decisions with powerful analytics and reporting tools. Gain insights into key performance indicators (KPIs) and trends to optimize your operations.

Key Features

We understand that every business operates within a budget. Our software is designed to deliver exceptional value without compromising on quality. Say goodbye to excessive costs and hello to a solution that fits your financial goals.

Navigating complex logistics shouldn’t mean dealing with a steep learning curve. Our user-friendly interface ensures that your team can quickly adapt to the software, reducing training time and increasing productivity.

Despite its affordability, our freight forwarding doesn’t cut corners when it comes to features. Enjoy a wide range of capabilities, from shipment tracking and documentation management to analytics and reporting.  

Your Freight forwarding Solution providing business is unique, and our software should reflect that. Our solution is customizable to match your specific requirements, ensuring that you get the functionality you need without paying for unnecessary features.

Make informed decisions with real-time insights into your operations. Our software provides up-to-the-minute data on shipments, routes, and performance metrics, enabling proactive decision-making.

We believe that outstanding software is complemented by outstanding support. Our dedicated customer support team is ready to assist you every step of the way, from implementation to ongoing use.

Best online Freight Forwarding Software

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